Construction Manager in Dallas

Our Mission

At Westcliffe Inc., we pride ourselves on building credibility and developing trusted relationships from the ground up. That is why our focus is to get to know our clients and have them know us.

We don’t think of every project we undertake as just “another project”. We fully understand that the projects we construct are of critical importance to the success, safety and well-being of our clients and their businesses. We are constructing projects but more importantly, we are developing trust, which is why we personally commit ourselves to achieving the highest standards of excellence. We are true construction professionals whose reputation is defined by the trusted and decades long relationships we have with our customers.

Our History

Westcliffe was founded in August of 1992 by construction industry veteran, Charles D. Johnson. Prior to creating the company, Charles served many management roles at Dal-Mac construction for 15 years. It was here that he recognized a niche in the construction market to serve specific clients as a true General Contractor, as opposed to merely being a broker of subcontractor services.

General contractor in Dallas Texas

Our Legacy

Westcliffe provides complete construction services to all phases of industries, be it retail, office, warehouse, manufacturing, hospitality and institutional. We have the capability to provide in-house services, including but not limited to, drywall, ceilings, demolition, flooring, carpentry, concrete, painting and more. With proven expertise, coupled with multi-talented employees, we reduce the risk of project delays and sub-standard results due to uncooperative, or relatively unknown subcontractors.

Westcliffe has sustained relationships with several of our subcontractors that go back 40 years. This rapport enables our team to move through a project with proper coordination, which enhances quality craftsmanship, and insures timely completion.